I know I’m not alone in having a list for everything:

  • A To Do list

  • A shopping list

  • A bucket list

  • A goal list

  • A ‘what to take on holiday’ list

  • A wish list

There are definitely more...

The reason I have so many is probably to do with the fact that I like to have a sense of order and to be in control (as much as anyone can be!). It also helps me to get stuff out of my head and articulated in front of me, there is real power to this. This process really helps with developing my blueumbrella strategy and my own personal adaptability. To me, it doesn't really matter where I make my list, notebook, tablet or whiteboard, and there is great satisfaction in ticking something off of those lists – Done!

However, I can also see this from the other point of view. Lists can make some feel stressed or overwhelmed. 
As a business owner there are an endless number of things that you need to do just to keep standing still, let alone grow your business and it’s hard to remember everything that you need to do sometimes without writing them down. According to some research, you are 42% more likely to achieve your goals if you write them down.
Just lately though I am beginning to wonder what it would be like to live ‘list free’ would I get things done?  Would I be more spontaneous? Would chaos ensue? Would I do amazing things that aren’t even on my list? Would I forget to do things? Would I become more creative?
Should I write ‘stop writing lists’ on my To Do list?
Who knows?  I’m not sure I’m brave enough at the moment to tear up those lists yet, but maybe one day
Do you manage to get through life without lists?