It’s the time of year when work can sometimes feel like a struggle, and it can be a real challenge to stay motivated and focused. There are soooooo many reasons to feel distracted, your holiday, your children being on holiday, colleagues and customers responding slower, the hot (!) weather, the list could go on…

I see it as a time when many people become reactive and not proactive. But when you just react, you often don’t make the best choices. Reacting, is to me, the opposite of control, it lets other people and the environment determine your actions.

In my experience, feeling distracted and unproductive is something most people struggle with. Whether we like it or not, we pick up on other people’s behaviours and emotions. So, it kind of becomes a vicious circle.

So how do you stay focused? And how do you positively affect your work and business most at this time of year?

  • Think about your ultimate goals – make sure the most important things stays the most important things, take stock before the pace increases again
  • Make a deliberate decision – take a moment to decide not to give in to distractions (this is proven by neuroscience to help stop you from engaging in bad behaviour!)
  • Make a plan for an entire week (and beyond) - research shows you spend your time more wisely when you follow a plan and schedule
  • Do less of the ‘shallow stuff’ – not all work is equal. Use this time to implement new systems and more of the ‘deep stuff’ that will make a tangible difference to you and your business
  • Walk away – take a proper break when you feel your energy fading, or your focus going. Stop looking at your phone, social media or emails and get some fresh air, stretch, talk a walk – whatever works for you

Everyone will have different approaches to combating this mind-set, these are a few that work for us here at blueumbrella. If you have any tips that work for you, we’d love to hear from you