I recently read an article which claimed that more than three quarters of entrepreneurs go without holidays in order to keep their business ticking over. In fact, it's something I was guilty of in the early days of blueumbrella.

However, taking time off is essential and most certainly not a luxury! Having some time away can  provide tangible benefit to you and your business. A holiday allows your body and mind to relax and recharge, which in turn benefits your business.

But how do you do this with confidence? It's all in the planning! Often people wait to the last minute before seeking support when in fact, this should be done as early as possible to ensure good understanding of all requirements. It's also a worthwhile investment of your time to let clients and customers know that you'll be away, this allows you to be as prepared as possible for any potential problems.

Holidays are often a time for reflection with the intention of doing things differently, launching new projects or starting new enterprises on your return. But it is so easy to slip back in to your pre-holiday routines habits and forget your new ideas. So why not make this summer the one you really do make those changes and start to do things differently! 

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