2017 is just a month old and we’re firing on all cylinders! We’ve got new clients and some fantastic projects getting underway. It’s a great time of year for us at blueumbrella, we look forward with energy and optimism to all the opportunities that a new year brings.  

We’re sure that you feel the same and are looking at your business and thinking about the next 12 months – and beyond. Whether you’re looking at starting a new business, new projects or initiatives, we want to let you know that blueumbrella are here to give you that extra helping hand along the way.

Recently we’ve talked about time management and productivity in our newsletters and blogs. But what happens if you still need a hand operating and growing your business? This is where blueumbrella come in. A great way of freeing up time to work on key areas of your business is to share some of the more routine aspects with us. We quickly get up to speed with our understanding and can offer solutions which can make you operate more efficiently.

Recently Jordan Cohen of PA Consulting interviewed businesses in Europe and the US in a study for Harvard Business Review. The results are startling. He found that 41% of an entrepreneur's day is filled with activities which could be competently handled by others.

So what could you do with 41% more time?

•    Focus more on your customers
•    Increase capacity for faster growth
•    More strategic planning
•    Find and recruit the right people
•    Something fun that isn't work related - go to the gym, meditate..? 

These are only a few examples. Just think how different your business would be if you had this extra time.

There are many other benefits in working with us and letting us take care of some of your more routine tasks. We offer the experience, quality and flexibility which really benefits both you and your business. We can also advise on what not to ‘outsource’ from your business. 

How do you do this with confidence? We know how hard it can be ‘letting go’, but we also know how liberating and transformational it can be. With our experience in the industry you can trust us to provide fantastic solutions which help you grow your business. Simply give us a call on 020 3021 0503 or email us on info@blueumbrella.co.uk for a free consultation on how we can help transform and grow your business.